Jnos colors are back

For the Raspberry Pi users among us, Maiko has found a solution for the Colors in Jnos and the NNTP server and probably even more stability issues.
For a long time we had to miss the colors, but I immediately imagine myself back in the 90s.

The Solution…..

JNOS is doing strange things on PI platforms. Because gcc in the ARM processors are forcing CHAR variables to be UNSIGNED, not SIGNED!

Thank you Maiko….

Jnos White Page (WP) Support

Jnos White Page processing.

Create a directory /jnos/spool/wp

This directory consists the following files.
1. wpages                                                                   # links a user call to a bbs call.
2. wpagebbs                                                               # contains the full hierarchical address of a bbs call.
3. wpages.new, wpagebbs.new, wpages.tmp            # new entries waiting to be merged into the above (MAIN) files during processing.
4. update.wp                                                              # tracks updates to our database – used for sending white page updates to other systems.



How SP command interacts with WP database.

By default, there is no WP prompt. You have to create a preference before any WP interaction occurs when using the ‘SP’ command to send a message.
Use ‘XW’ (without arguments) to display current setting, for example :

WP options for ‘SP’ – 1=disable, 2=show/prompt, 3=show/noprompt, 4=force it
option 2 is currently set

To set your option, simply do something like ‘xw 2’, that’s all there is to it.

If you enter the command ‘wp pd9q’ and you might get this below :

wp routing ‘[email protected]#ZL.NLD.EU

If I enter ‘sp pd9q’ on my system, I might be prompted like below :

wp routing ‘[email protected]#ZL.NLD.EU’ – use ? (Y/n)

Bug Netrom node Broadcast

@Bug Bash / Thanks to Dave who has fixed the bug (also working on Xfbb) Thanks to Theo how has found the Bug.

There is an (apparently) very old bug in netromd of the linuxax25 tools. This bug ensures that nodes broadcasts on an AX.25 port with paclen <256 do not go out or are incomplete. This is the case in both the original and VE7FET versions.

Syslog get spammend with this kind of messages

This can be fixed by releasing a patch on the ax25tools/netrom/netromt.c file.

Download the patch

FBB Extensions to YAPP-protocol

FBB Unproto message lists

FBB PG programs

FBB Message filtering

FBB Connections filtering

FBB Programming servers

FBB Wildcards