Recent version is up2bpq-stable

I have called the update script Up2bpq-stable.. Why, it`s using the stable version of BPQ32.

Some of the changelog

# 01-12-2019
# Add setcap to the linbpq.start file.
# After update change the linbpq.start file “setcap command and start line”.
# Add -q option to wget to suspres the output.
# Add hosttype check to download the right linbpq or pilinbpq.
# Make it possible to run the script from everywhere in het system (source ~/.bashrc).
# Add the bin directory in home dir ~/bin.
# Shorten the directory paths, adding ~/ in front of it.
# The script is using the Stable release.

You can run the script via a crontab.

crontab -e

To run /home/pd9q/up2bpq-stable five minutes after midnight, every day, enter:
5 0 * * * /home/pd9q/bin/up2bpq-stable