On my system i use axip and axudp. I start ax25ipd twice with different configuration files.

Example for a axip port

ax25ipd -c /etc/ax25/ax25ipd-axip.conf

# ax25ipd configuration file Axip
socket ip
mode tnc
mycall pi1lap-9
device /dev/ttyq3
speed 19200
# loglevel 0 - no output
# loglevel 1 - config info only
# loglevel 2 - major events and errors
# loglevel 3 - major events, errors, and AX25 frame trace
# loglevel 4 - all events
# log 0 for the moment, syslog not working yet ...
loglevel 2
broadcast NODES

route n1uro 44.x.x.x b
route pi1bdg 44.x.x.x b


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