BPQ32 Example SCS Tracker (robust packet) port

Example SCS Tracker with Robust packet port

    ID=HF 30m Port
    COMPORT=/dev/ttyUSB0     ;COM Port Address
    SPEED=38400              ;COM Port Speed
    QUALITY=0                ;Setting to 0 stops node broadcasts on this port
    PACLEN=200               ;Max = 236 if using NETROM links
    CONFIG                   ;Driver-Specific Configuration
    PACKETCHANNELS 5         ;Limit to 5 simultaneous connections
    R 0                      ;Digipeating OFF
    F 600                    ;T1 - FRACK: in 10mS steps.
    @T2 0                    ;T2 - RESPDELAYTIME: in 10mS steps.
    @T3 30000                ;T3 - Sign of life timer in 10mS steps
    N 10                     ;RETRY: Setting to 10
    O 7                      ;MAXFRAME
    T 25                     ;TXDELAY: Setting to 1/4 second (25 * 10ms)
    P 32                     ;PERSISTENCE (p) (default 32 of 255)
    W 10                     ;Slottime in milliconds (default 10)
    %N 0                     ;TXTAIL - in 10ms increments.
    ; Comment out the desired speed.
    %B R300              ;1200 is the poweron default, so setting to R300
    %L 1500              ;For RPR only. Lately required since this doesn`t always default to 1500.
    %XR 900              ;Set RPR output amplitude in mV for TS-480 Menu #40 = 1.


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