DWait (Digipeater Wait)

DWait was once the means used to allow the radio/TNC combination to handshake ith each other . It was considered by many users that DWait was used toallow the AGC to recover after returning to the receive mode from the transmit mode.

In a sense, this thought has some merit, because if you set the DWait too short, you may discover that the receiver in your radio will be unable to recover fast enough to allow the first of each received packet to get to the TNC on time. That is the long xplanation. Following is the real purpose of the DWait command. The DWait command is a command agreed upon by all members of a Local Area Network (LAN). This is why it is good to have packet users groups, or  a packet club where the LAN members can meet so that issues of this kind can be talked through and agreed upon by the users of the LAN. Βy  so doing the LAΝ members are establishing a means to reduce the number of collisions. Even with the new “anti-collision” features in many of the TNCs, we must remember that all LAΝ users do not have this new feature in their TNC. Most TNCs support a DWait of 16 as the default setting, but we have found that a DWAIT on our LAN of 8 to 12 is suitable for our needs and for use when downloading files from the local BBS.

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