FBB inittnc(x).sys


 This file is also in the SYSTEM-directory. When the BBS starts, it sends
some standard parametres to the TNC, like PACLEN, MAXFRAME etc. These
parametres are in PORT.SYS. But in addition to this we may send some more
parametres to each TNC. We send parametres to TNC 1 with the INITTNC1.SYS, to
TNC 2 with INITTNC2.SYS etc. Here is just one example from LA1B BBS : (you do
not need to use the same parametres)

 U 0
 N 10
 P 64
 T 40

 C MAIL V LA7QR means that unproto mail-beacon will be sent to MAIL via the
digipeater with callsign LA7QR. You may use just C MAIL if you do not want to
send via digipeaters. U 0 means that the TNC will not send any TNC-message to
user when he connects to the BBS. You should use this parametre.

 N 10 means that RETRY will be set to 10.

 M IU means that that all I and UI frames will be shown in monitor-windows. P
64 means a p-persistence value of 64. This is normal.

 T 40 sets a TXDELAY of 40. This value depends on Transceiver in use. So, you
can use any suitable parametres in this file. You need one file for each TNC.

 The commands sent to the TNC, are the commands described in the
documentation for the firmware you use, or in the documentation for PK*-232,
DRSI, BPQ etc.

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