KPC3 Non Plus

Today I have been playing around with a KPC3 Non +. I bought this KPC3 in America and the upgrade Firmware in England. So you can imagine that it was not cheap.

So now we are going to insert the new Firmware.

I am very happy that it works perfectly. Now I want to do a comparison test with direwolf. Both with the 6.0 Firmware version and the 8.2 Firmware version. First, let’s find some time to get involved (again) with the hobby

KPC-3/9612/Kam Firmware upgrade

3 thoughts on “KPC3 Non Plus”

  1. Nice TNC!

    If 1 or more LEDs aren’t working check for cracked LEDs… Recently had 2 repairs of the KPC-3 and both had multiple broken/cracked LEDs. Design flaw… 😉

    PS. Next time if you need firmware you can contact me too. Way cheaper!
    73! Dave

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