OpenBCM H-Boxaddress / UserMail / Bulletin Mail.

In the beginning when I was configuring OpenBCM I already ran into an error message.

Now I was reading in the doc of OpenBCM and came across the following.

So the H-Boxaddress PI8LAP.#ZL.NLD.EURO is wrong. I have to use .EU
The designator of the different countries is specified by ISO 3166. The designator is three letters long. For Europe the following designators exists.

Sorry my USA friends, USA is a bit big. And I really do not know how the h-addresses are built up there. Maybe someone can tell me that.


Take your time to get your shit together (Just Kidding)

Bulletin Mail.

That was a lot of cutting and pasting. But I did that to get clear what is important.

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