OpenBCM H-Boxaddress / UserMail / Bulletin Mail.

In the beginning when I was configuring OpenBCM I already ran into an error message.

16.11.18 10:40:17z SYSTEM: #S cron: no valid H-boxaddress PI8LAP.#ZL.NLD.EURO

Now I was reading in the doc of OpenBCM and came across the following.

Following is an example of a hierarchical address:
                 ^ Continent EU (stands for Europe)
             ^ Country (NLD means the Netherlands)
          ^ Possibly further definition of a region (#ZL means Zeeland)
   ^ Callsign of a mailbox
The designator for continents is two or four letters long. In Europe you should
only use "EU".
• .AF, .AFRC: Africa
• .AS, .ASIA: Asia
• .AU, .AUST: Australia
• .EU, .EURO: Europe
• .NA, .NOAM: North America
• .OC, .OCEA: Oceania
• .SA, .SOAM: South America
• .CEAM : Middle America
• .MDLE : MiddleEast (e.g. Israel)

So the H-Boxaddress PI8LAP.#ZL.NLD.EURO is wrong. I have to use .EU
The designator of the different countries is specified by ISO 3166. The designator is three letters long. For Europe the following designators exists.

• .AUT Austria
• .BEL Belgium
• .BGR Bulgaria
• .BIH Bosnia-Herzegowina
• .CHE Swiss
• .CZE Czechia
• .DEU Germany
• .DNK Denmark
• .ESP Spain
• .EST Estonia
• .FIN Finland
• .FRA France
• .GBR Great Britain
• .GIB Gibraltar
• .GRC Greece 
• .HRV Croatia
• .HUN Hungary
• .IRL Irland
• .ITA Italy
• .LTU Lithuania
• .LUX Luxemburg
• .LVA Latvia
• .MKD Mazedonia
• .MLT Malta
• .NLD Netherlands
• .NOR Norway
• .POL Polonia
• .PRT Portugal
• .ROM Romania
• .RUS Russia
• .SVK Slovakia
• .SVN Slovenia
• .SWE Sweden
• .TUR Turkey
• .UKR Ukraine
• .YUG Yugoslavia 
Short form (can be used for copy & paste to your fwd.bcm):

Sorry my USA friends, USA is a bit big. And I really do not know how the h-addresses are built up there. Maybe someone can tell me that.


In the whole forward file following definitions must always exist:
• all continents must be defined, but without your own continent (e.g. all, but not .EU).
• all countries of own continent must be defined, but without your own country (e.g. all european countries but not .NLD).
• all regions in your own country must be defined, but without your own region (e.g. all regions but not .#ZL).
• all mailboxes in the own region must be defined, but without the own mailbox (e.g. all mailboxes in region Zeeland, but not the own one).

Take your time to get your shit together (Just Kidding)

Bulletin Mail.

There exist different directors for bulletin mails (a director is that, what is used after the "@" in the SEND command). Most used are:
• WW: worldwide
• EU: spread only in europe
• DL: only to the german speaking area (includes not only Germany!)
• OE: only to austria
• CZ: only to Czechia
• THEBOX: Used for THEBOX mailbox systems
• AMSAT: Satellit data
• BAYCOM: all OpenBCM mailboxes (used for OpenBCM software distribution)
• $WP: Used for White-Page/WPROT information (Mybbs etc.)
Some mailboxes use also further directors (e.g. @ALL, @TOUS etc.). But in praxis
this often means the same like @WW. So, why not using always @WW if everybody
should use the mail? It's hard to understand why such a nonsens is made. When
you use OpenBCM you can clear up with these masses of directors: simply add
lines to your convat.bcm file like
...and so on. When now a mail with a director like @ALL reaches your mailbox it
will be forwarded like it has @WW. When forwarding such a mail, of course the
original address is send. So you have to define only WW in your forward sections
where you need it.

That was a lot of cutting and pasting. But I did that to get clear what is important.

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