FBB Process numbers and help

Process number and on-line help identification.

 The various processing functions contained in the software are identified by
three numbers displayed in the status banner. The first of those three
numbers  is  the  main  process  system  (BBS,  FBBDOS,  Satellite
Computation, etc...), the second number is the process function (in the BBS,
list, message sending, etc..) and the third number is a sub-function (record
of the message title, message, etc..)

 A complete description of these numbers would be useless and time consuming.
They are mainly used for debugging purpose. The first number is also used to
identify the help block out of the x.HLP file. Upon receipt of the "?" or the
"H", the  software  searches  the  x.HLP  file  for  a  line  of  
corresponding to the language in use, and of the format @@ number word in
which "number" stands for the current processing level, and "word" stands for
the word following the command "?" or "H".

 Example : you are inside FBBDOS, and you type in the command "? EDIT", the
help block searched for must begin with the line:

 @@ 9 EDIT

 It may happen that a block matches several search keywords. It is enough to
specify the various words separated by the character "|" (vertical bar), WITH


 List of the processing levels :

 0 Connection.
 2 Qra-Locator.
 3 Statistics.
 4 Information.
 5 Nomenclature.
 6 Satellite Orbital Computation.
 9 FbbDos.
 11 Telephone Modem
 14 BBS.
 15 Forward.
 16 Gateway Sysop page.
 17 YAPP.
 18 Conference.