OpenBCM start file and Systemd

FYI, In the top menu you can choose OpenBCM. This page contains all references to items about openBCM.

I have found a file to start OpenBCM. We will inplant this script and start using it.

We are going to create a user who does not have shell and no home directory. This makes it impossible to log in as this user. This gives a bit of security.

The above command creates a user “bcm” as a system user.

Copy the directory of bcm to /usr/local

Now we have to make the user “bcm” owner of the directory and files /usr/local/bcm

See if everything is in okay.

Now create the startfile.

Edit the startbcm file

Here is the start file.

Save the file, become owner, and set execute rights

Now it`s time for Systemd.

Go to the directory /etc/systemd/system and “sudo nano bcm.service”

Copy past

Save the file

Let ‘s check if the service is running.

I think we’re ready to rumble.

One last note.

In the start file you see the line.

Here, reference is made to /dev/tty3. I use the program “conspy” to watch on /dev/tty3 how the program runs.

To escape conspy hit “esc” a couple of times.