Tcp Access Control Jnos

Jnos works with an access control list. Here a small example what you can put in there. There are things double in it, this is just an example what is possible

#Allow a specific Hostname (eerst ff wachten "now+0001" tot de dns online is)
at now+0001 "tcp access permit all"
# Localhost (altijd handig)
tcp access permit all
# (Compleet netwerk)
tcp access permit all
# Nederlands netwerk
tcp access permit 44.137/32 all
# Eigen netwerk
tcp access permit all
# Lokaal netwerk
tcp access permit all
# Lokaal netwerk met toegewezen poort
tcp access permit 25 110
# Friendjes :)
tcp access permit all
# blacklist bad logins for 15 minutes (900 seconds)
mbox blacklist 900
# run expiry process every 20 minutes
tcp access expiry 20
# Acces deny (Bad boy)
tcp access deny
# Subnet access to ports 1 through 25,
tcp access permit 23.1.46/24 1 25
tcp clean


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