Jnos axip link

Setup Jnos axip link

# Attach AXIP to SV1CMG
attach axip cmg 256 sv1cmg-6
ifconfig cmg description "AXIP to LAMNOS:SV1CMG-6 Jnos"
ifconfig cmg ax25 maxframe 7
ifconfig cmg ax25 paclen 256
at 30 "mbox kick sv1cmg+"
arp eaves cmg on
arp poll cmg on
mbox mport cmg on

# sv1cmg
ax25 bc cmg on
ax25 heard cmg
ax25 hport cmg on
ax25 bcport cmg on

netrom  interface       cmg 203 201
netrom  bcpoll          cmg
netrom  bcnodes         cmg
inp     ifaces          cmg

trace cmg 0111


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