G0LGS LinFBB Tools

Stewart has sent me a link with the scripts and programs he wrote for LinFBB. I copied them to my own server for historical purposes. Thanks Stewart.

This is the source link


XFBB AutoResp Server 0.11 Jan 2005 XFBB AutoResp Server
XFBB m_filter and f_filter 0.60 20/03/2005 XFBB m_filter and f_filter
XFBB Event Notification system 0.14 23/04/2005 XFBB Event Notification system
XFBB BID Tool 1.00beta 31/07/2005 XFBB Bid Tool
XFBB INF Tool 0.15 Jan 2002 XFBB INF Tool
XFBB Message Renumbering tool 0.36 16/01/2005 XFBB Message Renumbering tool
XFBB Lotto number generator 0.10 13/01/2001 XFBB Lotto number generator
XFBB Multi Server 0.55 24/12/2001 XFBB Multi Server
XFBB Ping Server 0.14 02/10/2005 XFBB Ping Server
XFBB File Servers: REQDIR / REQFIL / LOCAL 0.61 03/02/2005 XFBB File Servers: REQDIR / REQFIL / LOCAL
XFBB Statis file manager 0.12 30/01/2005 XFBB Statis file manager
XFBB TeleText Server 0.24 23/12/2001 XFBB TeleText Server
XFBB WP Tool 0.33 12/07/2002 XFBB WP Tool