G0LGS LinFBB Tools

Stewart has sent me a link with the scripts and programs he wrote for LinFBB. I copied them to my own server for historical purposes. Thanks Stewart.

This is the source link


XFBB AutoResp Server0.11Jan 2005XFBB AutoResp Server
XFBB m_filter and f_filter0.6020/03/2005XFBB m_filter and f_filter
XFBB Event Notification system0.1423/04/2005XFBB Event Notification system
XFBB BID Tool1.00beta31/07/2005XFBB Bid Tool
XFBB INF Tool0.15Jan 2002XFBB INF Tool
XFBB Message Renumbering tool0.3616/01/2005XFBB Message Renumbering tool
XFBB Lotto number generator0.1013/01/2001XFBB Lotto number generator
XFBB Multi Server0.5524/12/2001XFBB Multi Server
XFBB Ping Server0.1402/10/2005XFBB Ping Server
XFBB File Servers: REQDIR / REQFIL / LOCAL0.6103/02/2005XFBB File Servers: REQDIR / REQFIL / LOCAL
XFBB Statis file manager0.1230/01/2005XFBB Statis file manager
XFBB TeleText Server0.2423/12/2001XFBB TeleText Server
XFBB WP Tool0.3312/07/2002XFBB WP Tool

FBB7.0.9 released

@Bug Bash

Trying BBSURO:N1URO-4… <Enter> aborts.
Virtual circuit established to BBSURO:N1URO-4

There has been quite a bit of activity on the mail list or Fbb in the last 2 weeks. Some bugs have been fixed by Dave, now the Protus C_Filter and the G0LGS M and F Filter are working properly again.

Last release


Brian N1URO has written some installation script for Protus and G0LGS filters and has been working on the translation of the Spanish Protus files.

The appropriate Filters can be downloaded from the links below.




They are currently working on getting rid of some Bugs that cause some errors with Fbb ping and the ReqDir server.

Thanks to Dave, Stewart G0LGS, Brian N1URO, Bernard F6BVP, Paul G4APL and Tom SP2L

Great work, Thank you


7.0.8-beta9 (f6bvp, Dave van der Locht)
– [r176] fbblog files renamed from 0 to 52 for week number
fbb log displayed calling executable script /usr/local/bin/fbblog
– [r177] Some functions are done via system() calls. However, observed return value
is invariably -1 while it should reflect the result of called program.
It happened because the SIGCHILD signal handler was set to SIG_IGN.
Fixed at the beginning of the main function in xfbbd.c.
Dave van der Locht 2019-12-14

7.0.9 (Dave van der Locht)
– [r178] beta9 was hanging. xfbbd.c patched.
1) Return value of system() is always -1 due to SIGCHLD signal was ignored.
2) Added ‘fail-safe bypass’ in case call_nbdos() couldn’t find the command/executable to run.
3) Replaced system() with popen() in the call_nbdos() function to fix the problem with
response text from a c_filter not coming through.