Linfbb maintenance scripts modified.

Brain n1uro has write a script to getting reports sent to you nightly from your maintenance.



I have some trouble to get things going so i change some line in the scipt.

I have change the line


fbbgetconf needs a option.

Output off the script.


fbb-7.0.8-beta4 Release

Okay I missed it, there is a new beta release of fbb. Released on 2017-10-24.
You can get it here > Download
Or go to the website,


fbb start file for linux

Fbb start file

ax25 start file

Ax25 start file die ik gebruik voor pi1lap/pi8lap/pd2lt
(nog toe te voegen start/stop/status)

Linfbb port.sys

Voorbeeld van port.sys die ik gebruik voor pi8lap


sexy ifconfig

ax0 voor link fbb
ax1 voor link Convers
eth0 Dit is de Baas
sl0 voor (X)net
tun0 voor Jnos
tunl0 voor ampr Gateway

Om te zorgen dat de data gaat lopen hebben we een aantal ip routes nodig.

ip route add dev sl0 table 44 src
ip route add dev tun0 table 44 src

En voor de iptables firewall
$ipt -A FORWARD -i tunl0 -o sl0 -j ACCEPT
$ipt -A FORWARD -i sl0 -o tunl0 -j ACCEPT
$ipt -A FORWARD -i tunl0 -o tun0 -j ACCEPT
$ipt -A FORWARD -i tun0 -o tunl0 -j ACCEPT

Met deze bovenstaande regels heeft iedereen toegang tot sl0 en tun0

Monitor script F6fbb

Brain N1URO has written a script to see if fbb is still running.
I saved this script in the fbb directory.

Have it saved as “fbbcheck” now it is possible to call it via a cronjob every hour.

Edit the /etc/crontab file and add the following.

Now, every 15 minutes after the full hour, it is checked whether fbb is still running, otherwise it will be restarted.

Here under the “fbbcheck” script.

Tnx to Brain N1URO

I made a small addition to the script myself. Now I can also see how long fbb has been running and when fbb has been started. (just fun )

Looks like this.

Examples forward JNOS/BPQ/LinFBB

Here below some examples how the configuration of the forward in different systems works.

Thanks in particular to Bob (VE3TOK) and Gus (I0OJJ) for example configs !

Copyright ©


F6fbb port.sys (smtp/pop/nntp)

With f6fbb it is possible to use the software as smtp, pop and nntp server. Below is a small example of how you can make that possible.

If you look at the HEX addresses, the smpt port on 6302 and the pop port on 6301 the nntp port just on 119. Now it is possible to set your mail program and read your mail in your mail package.

Email address comes with one with your packet address ([email protected]#zl.nld.euro)